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Asia tours

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A land revered by travelers for centuries, the world’s most populous continent is as eclectic, exotic and endearing as they come. Home to some of world’s most cognizable cultures and fascinating traditional societies, Asia gifts its visitors with enthralling histories, timeless mythologies and a population of unstinting diversity. Despite 3.8 billion residents calling Asia’s bustling cities, homely towns and colorful islands home, plenty of room is left for secluded forests and wide expanses of unmatched natural beauty. Never one to lay all of its cards on the table, life in Asia operates at many different paces - from neon-drenched Tokyo lanes to a lonely Himalayan plateau. Take the time to relax on Thailand’s tranquil beaches, explore the Great Wall of China’s remote ruins or get lost in the colors of Mumbai. Whether it’s the steamy rain forests of Borneo or the hills of Nepal, Asia is a place to escape, reflect and revive from the drudgery of everyday life.

Borneo Tours and Holidays

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Written by on 30/10/2013

Borneo is one of the few places left on this planet that feels untouched by time. Spend a little of yours here with the kids. Perfect for families eager to get deep into the thick of things, this exciting journey takes you deep into the jungles.