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Asia tours

Asia tours (1)

A land revered by travelers for centuries, the world’s most populous continent is as eclectic, exotic and endearing as they come. Home to some of world’s most cognizable cultures and fascinating traditional societies, Asia gifts its visitors with enthralling histories, timeless mythologies and a population of unstinting diversity. Despite 3.8 billion residents calling Asia’s bustling cities, homely towns and colorful islands home, plenty of room is left for secluded forests and wide expanses of unmatched natural beauty. Never one to lay all of its cards on the table, life in Asia operates at many different paces - from neon-drenched Tokyo lanes to a lonely Himalayan plateau. Take the time to relax on Thailand’s tranquil beaches, explore the Great Wall of China’s remote ruins or get lost in the colors of Mumbai. Whether it’s the steamy rain forests of Borneo or the hills of Nepal, Asia is a place to escape, reflect and revive from the drudgery of everyday life.

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South America tours

South America tours (0)

Colorful, candid and everything in between, South America beats to the rhythm of an infectious, eternal drum. Captured in the chaos of Rio's carnival, echoing on Columbia's Caribbean beaches and booming along the peaks of the Andes, an effervescent spirit bursts from every facet of life on this remarkable continent. Pulsing with the energy of a thousand fiestas, the dynamic pace of the South American lifestyle is calmed by remote expanses, lost worlds and ancient cities. From pristine Patagonia, ethereal Galapagos and Peru's famous Machu Picchu, South America bares her soul to those seeking her limitless natural beauty, friendly locals and unmistakable array of colors  Whether it’s the mists of Argentina's Iguazu Falls, the steamy jungles of the Amazon or the famous wines of Chile, this fascinating continent is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences just waiting to be discovered.

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Europe tours

Europe tours (5)

Europe is the world's most visited destination for a very good reason - and 460 million visitors a year can't be wrong! Paris, Rome, London, Madrid and Berlin - Europe's most iconic cities reveal their world-changing histories among a backdrop of famous sights, epic mountain vistas, lush emerald fields and charming Mediterranean coastlines. And while history may not be everyone's cup of tea, contemporary Europe boasts groundbreaking art for the trendy, marvelous cuisine for the hungry and a large dose of luxury for the weary. A joy to navigate, travelers can ride the rails between sunny beaches, hallowed cathedrals and picturesque vineyards - or simply cruise between countries on Europe's many highways. Throw in Scandinavian snowfields, Russian grandiosity and Spanish siestas and there's no doubt that no other continent on earth manages to compile so many unique cultures and settings into one corner of the globe. Experience a land forever immortalized in art and culture, and see why Europe more than deserves its place among the world's most worthwhile travel destinations.

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Middle East Tours

Middle East Tours (3)

A golden land of pyramids and oases, the Middle East blends its ancient past with a bright, contemporary future. Whether it’s the mystery of the Great Pyramids, the magical Blue Mosque or the jaw-dropping city of Petra, these storied sands hold some of the most significant treasures on the planet. Alongside iconic monuments lie thriving urban centers with colorful Cairo, bustling Beirut and the holy city of Jerusalem offering all the hallmarks of modern life, plus mouth-watering local cuisines to tempt at every corner. Despite its pious spirit and rich traditions, the Middle East remains one of the world's most misunderstood destinations. Yet for those with the good sense to look past the pessimism, this region is full of gracious, hospitable and friendly folk living together in a land of incredible diversity. From the ancient ruins of Persepolis to the modern city of Amman, the Middle East is a truly unique destination that will enchant the mind and invigorate the senses.

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Mediterranean Sea tours

Mediterranean Sea tours (1)

What do you envision as a perfect Mediterranean travel getaway? Little can compare to a small ship's approach in Bonifacio, Corsica... antiquities discovered in the gentle Sicilian countryside... the whitewashed villages of a Greek isle... the dramatic Amalfi coastline... the colorful contrasts where Europe meets Asia in Turkey... or the secrets behind the centuries-old city walls of Dubrovnik. Mediterranean travel with Tauck includes land journeys and cruises along the Adriatic and Aegean Seas, combining the relaxation of sailing with in-depth discovery via private excursions to the historical ruins of Ephesus, Carthage, Pompeii and Segesta and cultural meccas along the Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish Rivieras.

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