Venecia Tours and Holidays to Italia

Coming to Venice is an experience that will stay with you the rest of your life. From your very first glimpse of the wonder and sheer beauty of the city, you will be spellbound.  You want to get to know it, feel it, be immersed in it.   

Today as yesterday Venice still draws visitors from every where, all of them wishing to experience its elusive dream-like ambience: it remains a city without wheels, built on rafts on wooden piles, located in the middle of a vast lagoon and still looking as it did centuries ago. Part eastern, part western, half land, half sea, Venice fits into no convenient category of place. It is bathed in mystery and wonder through the tales of countless visitors and travellers, each one adding some of his own, trying to seize the city's indefinable nature. The millenary history of Venice then unfolds before you through an unparalleled variety of centuries-old palaces and their great array of architecture and world class fine art collections.